Keyseating Machines

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MECO MEC-1 was the first vertical keyseater with a tool-width length of cut. Twenty years later, MECO has set up more than 500 units in 30 countries and has improved its keyseaters to levels of efficiency, speed, and precision that place them at the forefront of the world, among the largest manufacturers of powerful multinational industrial groups.

Nowadays, MECO keyseaters remain faithful to their original architecture and design: a‘C’-shaped body made out of an iron cast part, a robust shaft, and a cobalt tool guiding the notching dimensions throughout the process: ingenuity, simplicity, effectiveness, economy, and strength. MECO keyseaters are designed, built and developed with ingenuity and passion.

The incorporation of the most innovative mechanical and electronic technologies makes MECO keyseaters the most versatile, precise, and reliable metal-cutting machines. MECO’s touch screens simplicity and own software brings perfect notching within the reach of even the most modest workshop. It also offers high productivity (for its speed, ergonomics, and simplicity in the entire process) and unrivaled profitability.


MEC-55 Automatic

Our smallest keyseating machine has a maximum cutting capacity of approx. 275mm height and 400mm max. diameter. It is an extremely efficient tool for maintenance workshops looking for speediness, simplicity of use, and precision in a machine of proven sturdiness and durability. It is ideal for metal-cutting medium-length materials: cutting straight and conical grooves in through or knockout holes.


Bigger in size and a 70 mm diameter shank, our MEC-70 range can fit larger parts up to 600mm diameter approx. and with a machine light of up to 340mm. It has a lower guiding bar. All in all, a versatile, powerful, balanced, and highly efficient keyseater.

MEC-70 Automatic

Nimble, accurate, and very versatile: this is one of our most balanced machines. It allows to perform a range of high-precision jobs that include straight and conical grooves in through or knockout holes. Its powerful 2 hp servo motors together with a lower guiding bar allow our MEC-70 Automatic to cut a 40mm groove in a medium-size steel without prior roughing.

MEC-70 Premium

Spectacular keyseating machine with three interpolating axes, which enable it to perform all types of notches, grooves, helical cuts, and so on. All these thanks to a simple, intuitive, and versatile multi-language software. The machine light, with the addition of the automatic rotary indexing table, is 310mm.

The incorporation of some fairing protection allows the user to completely open the machine to ease the loading and handling of medium-sized parts.


Controls a 80mm shank and fits workpieces of up to 800mm diameter and 440mm height approx. It has a lower guiding bar. Our MEC-80 range is designed for that industry that seeks maximum productivity and precision while performing complex notches in large pieces and in all types of materials.

MEC-80 Automatic

Magnificent keyseating machine useful for large pieces. Capable of making large notches on complex parts due to their dimensions or material.

Thanks to the latest-generation electronic control systems, some high precision and a higher degree of automation have been achieved. The machine can work in automatic mode so that the operator will only have to replace the piece once the machine has finished the process.

MEC-80 Premium

Spectacular keyseating machine with three useful axes in interpolated mode, which enable it to perform multiple notches and complex grooves. Its precision allows it to work in limiting tolerances. Also, with the use of special blades, complex internal and external toothed edges and cuts can be made.

The incorporation of an automatic indexing table leaves a 410mm (height) gap of useful space.


MEC-100 Premium

This spectacular machine is our largest standard keyseating machine. Its 3.5m height offer an imposing presence. It fits workpieces of up to 1000mm diameter and 650mm height (approx.), 100mm diameter main axis; it offers a unique-in-the-market extreme working precision thanks to its new Renishaw encoder and hydraulic brakes placed under the work table.

All our machines are manufactured by MECO and designed and made entirely in Spain. They strictly follow the most rigorous international standards at European and worldwide level in terms of quality, safety, environmental impact, and work ethics.

The materials and components used to assemble our MECO machines come exclusively from high-level suppliers and manufacturers of proven reputation. There is no room in any MECO machine for any type of low-cost or dubious quality component.

Giant Keyseating Machines

In 2021, MECO installed a 4-axis interpolated bridge keyseating machine, CNC-controlled and CAD/CAM, in a giant metal industry in the Ukraine. Cutting capacity: up to 3000 mm diameter and able to perform almost infinite shapes. This is,to our knowledge, the largest keyseating machine manufactured in the world.

With it, the first MEC-ARC was born: the new MECO challenge that already has continuity, with units in different architectures (depending on the requirements of each client) in the USA, Poland and Peru, plus other projects under management. Huge and powerful machines, designed and built to measure, according to the productive needs and resources of each client. The perfect machine for machining all types of slots in pieces with dimensions greater than the capacity of the standard range.

MECO is definitely positioned among the elite of its manufacturers worldwide, and is requested to participate in projects and tenders for the construction of keyseating machines all over the world.

Along these lines, the company is characterized by its charisma, attention to detail, and superb customer service.


Our MEC-ARC is a new concept of keyseating machine: it is the result of years of experience in the construction of this type of machine. MEC ARC is designed for machining large workpieces with inner and outer notches and grooves of any shape and size.