Our MEC-ARC-120 is a new concept of keyseating machine: it is the result of years of experience in the construction of this type of machine. MEC ARC-120 is designed for machining large workpieces with inner and outer notches and grooves of any shape and size.

The ‘arc’ configuration of our MEC ARC range provides an unprecedented working stiffness in this type of machining. MEC ARC-120 has three or four working axes, which are synchronized via an automatic system. The incorporation of a CAM in the system allows our MEC ARC-120 to work with maximum precision when it comes to defining any type of shape, however complex it may be. 

With the MEC ARC series, MECO achieves the highest level of technological capability: customizing, designing, and building the most suitable MEC ARC for each customer’s needs.

Our MEC ARC-120 is a unique and revolutionary keyseating machine that will undoubtedly place us at the forefront of the construction of this type of machine worldwide.

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      More Information

      Patented System and Made in Spain

      MECO has a worldwide patent for its design. Our machines are completely developed and manufactured with passion in Spain. We only use the highest-quality materials and components and comply with the strictest standards and regulations, such as CE, UL, GOST, etc.

      User Friendliness

      This machine can be used by any operator: no skill or programming knowledge is required. The machine acts as its own precision tool.


      Our MECO keyseating machine is merely maintenance-free. Its robustness and durability are extreme: we have clients that have been intensively using their keyseating machine for more than 20 years.

      • Fast Amortization of the Investment

        Given its multiple advantages, its low machining consumption of tools, and its high versatility, the investment will be amortized in a short time.

      • Highest Accuracy

        Our MECO keyseating machine guarantees perfect job-execution and unprecedented accuracy. Its performance does not depend on the skill of the operator.

      • Speed for Highest Productivity

        Perfect notches in record time. Our MECO keyseating machine autonomously performs, for instance, a 28- mm-wide notch in about 4 minutes.

      • Great Cutting Power

        MECO's ingenious design was born in 1998 and is still extremely efficient. It applies power to the cutting point, a feature that no other manufacturer can offer.