brochadora mec arc

The first bridge keyseating machine, ideal for enormous parts

With a maximum height of up to 1400 mm and keyways of between 3 and 150 mm wide, this is a machine designed to work with large calibre parts.

In addition, the CNC control can control both the cutting speed and feed and the worktop displacement thereby providing greater accuracy and speed. MEC ARC carries out straight, conical, blind hole and spiral keyseating both inside and outside.

In addition, our bridge broaching machine has a powerful motor with electrical safety equipment, plus the automatic system for bringing in the tool to the point where the process starts, allowing adjustment of the path and the separation between cutting edge and part, making it possible to perform fine work even on large parts.

AdvantagesMEC ARC has a work bench for handling parts up to 3000 mm in diameter. It is a perfect tool for working in any type of material, even materials that are particularly difficult to machine due to their hardness.

It also includes a tactile screen that makes it easier to adjust and control the process. Like the other MECO keyseating machines, the MEC ARC has a automatic tool separation system that offers a perfect finish to parts and increases the machine's lifespan.