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Versatile slotting machine for workshops targeting production

The MEC 80 PREMIUM CNC keyseating machine is specially designed for medium or high production of parts with multiple keyways, splines or gearing.

At MECO we have been improving our keyseating machines to provide a solution that adapts to your needs and that is, in turn, simple yet effective, fast yet precise. This fantastic model works with parts with a maximum height of 410 mm, making keyways between 3 and 10 mm wide.

It incorporates automatic rotary indexing that, along with the CNC feed, offers the chance of making multiple keyseating and splines (both inside and outside) that can be straight, conical or blind.

The MEC 80 PREMIUM CNC has a 2 CV motor with electrical safety equipment and an automatic system to bring the tool in to the work starting point, in addition to adjusting the path and the necessary separation between the cutting edge and the part.


This type of broaching machine requires a large work bench where it is possible to work with elements up to approximately 800 mm in diameter.

 In addition, the machine includes an automatic separation system between the tool and the part that provides an unbeatable finish on the part and extends the lifespan. In addition, CNC technology control acts on the main motor and the work bench displacement motor, turning the MEC 80 PREMIUM CNC into a really effective, fast and efficient slotting machine.

Parts made

Slotting and Groving:





Geometric Shapes:



Technical Data Sheet

Download the technical data sheet for the MEC 80 PREMIUM CNC slotting machine. For more information or any queries, please contact the sales department: