At MECO, in addition to cutting-edge machinery with the latest technology and the best results, we also offer you the chance to get any spares or parts that you might need. If you need cutting edges or tool holders for your slotting machines, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Standard 3mm tool-holder

3mm cutting edge

Standard 4mm tool-holder

4mm cutting edge

Standard 5mm tool-holder

5mm cutting edge

Standard 6mm tool-holder

6mm cutting edge

Standard 8mm tool-holder

8mm cutting edge

Standard 10mm tool-holder

10mm cutting edge

Standard 12mm tool-holder

12mm cutting edge

Standard 14mm tool-holder

14mm cutting edge

Standard 16-18-20-22-25mm tool-holder

16mm cutting edge

Standard 28-32-36mm tool-holder

18mm cutting edge

Standard 40-45mm tool-holder

20mm cutting edge

Standard 50mm tool-holder

22mm cutting edge

25mm cutting edge

28mm cutting edge

32mm cutting edge

36mm cutting edge

40mm cutting edge

45mm cutting edge

50mm cutting edge

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