Multiple drilling machines

For more than 30 years, one of the traits that have identified MECO is its the ability to develop highly complex civil engineering projects, in which innovation, originality and development are their principal values.

One of these projects, that without doubt shines in its own right given its technological complexity, is the development of multi-drills for drilling multiple holes in cylindrical alloy steel rings with high-level mechanical properties.

These rings are the heart of the granulating machines, which are principally intended for the manufacture of animal feed as well as pellets to obtain biofuels from biomass (wood, branches, etc.).

Our multi-drills for matrices can have from 1 to 18 heads, which can drill simultaneously, covering EVERY matrix size existing on the market, from the smallest matrices to the largest with diameters of 1700 mm and heights of around 700 mm.

Our exclusive, patented drilling system, currently makes us:

  • The quickest at drilling matrices, as we have the machine with the largest number of heads on the market (18).
  • The company with the fastest bit advance speeds on the market, thanks to our exclusive guidance system, reaching up to 800 mm/min.
  • The most versatile, as our machines can work with straight fluted bits as well as with double lip spiral bits. This factor enables the customer to select the type of drill bit and over time, draw their own conclusions about which drill bit is the best option for their production processes.
  • The most energy efficient, being able to drastically adjust and reduce oil consumption, depending on the drill bit used.

Our multi-drills form a compact body in which all of the elements that comprise the machine are grouped into a fully autonomous island, with a relatively small size for the type of machines in question. It is also very easy to group several of them, in a honeycomb pattern, thus optimising the space occupied by the machines to a maximum.

The control system of our machines is especially developed to be able to monitor absolutely all aspects of the machine's functioning and all of the points susceptible to faults. In addition the customer has the option of requesting the implementation of a communications system between the machine and their company's own internal management systems.

The whole control system is exclusive to MECO and is implemented on OMRON equipment, which guarantees maximum quality in the components and ensures the after-sales service in any part of the world is quick and efficient. OMRON acts as a strategic partner in our multi-drill project (read the OMRON article here - in Spanish)

Data Sheet

Download the technical data sheet for the Multiple Drilling Machine. For more information or any queries, please contact the sales department: