Incremental Sheet Forming

MECO is characterized by its restless, curious, and analytical spirit. Among the many fields in which we have 40 years of experience, we now enter the exciting world of molding and deepen our knowledge about the current techniques in use: tooling, molding, rotational molding, composites of innumerable types, 3D addition … The experience of several of our engineers and operators in this sector, provide us with solid information on which we apply our extensive inventive capacity and technological development.

Hand in hand with Eurecat (a public-private technological consortium in Catalonia) an arduous R&D work begins: the deformation of a sheet metal with incremental pressure points following a CNC-guided layout under CAD/CAM.

The ISF project (Incremental Sheet Forming: incremental deformation of sheet metal) was born in 2017. Then, our MEC-ISF-3000×2100 (the first large unit) was built.

The results after the first tests are spectacular: we are dealing with a technology that blows up the cost and preparation time of conventional molding, allowing sheet metal parts to be prepared in record time. Until now this process required stamping or deep-drawing processes. Hence, all the above breaks the paradigm of the need for large investments in expensive molds when it comes to sheet metal forming.

ISF technology is an extremely powerful technological advance for companies that manufacture products for sectors such as the automotive, aeronautical, railway, architecture, interior design, civil engineering, manufacturers of machinery and capital goods or the household appliance sector, among hundreds of other applications yet to be discovered.

With five units built, implementing continuous improvements in automatic tool change systems, MECO has in the ISF technology one of its main focuses of action in the forthcoming years: our determination and development plans for this technology are promising. Our forecast of possibilities and the acceptance that the ISF will have during this decade, push us to dedicate an important part of our potential in R&D in design, engineering and mechanics of this machine.
We currently have ISF machines of 1500×1000, 2000×1000 and 3000×2100 and we continue to develop options that break barriers that seemed impossible.

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    1 / This model incorporates an automatic tool changer, which considerably increases the design possibilities of pieces being manufactured.

    2 / All of our ISF machines come with a training process for the use of the machine and sharing of ISF technology know-how, so that the company team will be totally self-sufficient from the first day.

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    Patented System and Made in Spain

    MECO has a worldwide patent for its design. Our machines are completely developed and manufactured with passion in Spain. We only use the highest-quality materials and components and comply with the strictest standards and regulations, such as CE, UL, GOST, etc.


    MEC-ISF-3000x2100 Machine Dimensions

    Machine width: 4830mm.

    Machine length: 10337mm.

    Machine height: 4695mm.

    Machine weight: 27500kg

    MEC-ISF-3000x2100 Working Dimensions

    Maximum sheet length: 3000mm.

    Maximum sheet width: 2100mm.

    Maximum sheet length: 2800mm.

    Maximum sheet width: 1900mm.

    Maximum sheet height: 500mm.

    Tailored Technological Solutions

    Automatic Tool Changer

    It can be found incorporated on one side of the table and it has 7 BT-40 type tool holders with a presence detector to be able to supply the workhead. The construction manager.

    State-of-the-art CNC

    The mechanical system designed by MECO joins MITSUBISHI M80 technology to create a high-performance package. High performance.

    ‘Point 0’ Centering System

    It is incorporated in the worktable and it has 8 symmetrically distributed anchor points generating 2 rectangular work areas. These function as anchoring and automatically center the molds. Automatic mold centering. The supplied elements guarantee an alignment of 0.05 mm/m.


    This system consists of limiting the maximum torque so that the user can limit the maximum force that the machine will submit during the entire deformation process.

    PAR CONTROL System

    This system consists of permanently controlling the pressure exerted on the piece, in such a way that it regulates its position in height by means of a fourth main axis.

    • Presentation

      Meco has created a new generation of machines designed to promote the implementation of the ISF technology in the industry. Eurecat's experience in applying ISF technology to different products and sectors has been used in its development. The merging of the EURECAT and MECO’s know-how has enabled the creation of this kind of machine.

    • Creation of Workpieces

      ISF 3D technology now makes it possible to manufacture sheet metal parts with complex shapes for prototypes or small series. This breaks the paradigm of the need for large investments in expensive molds or dies for sheet metal forming by stamping or deep drawing processes.

    • Who is ISF technology for?

      Our ISF technology is highly suitable for companies that manufacture products for sectors such as the automotive, aeronautical, railway, architecture, interior design, civil engineering, machinery manufacturers, and capital goods. Not to forget the household appliance sector, since it can be applied to any product that requires sheet metal solutions for metal parts with complex shapes and short production runs, or those that must undergo constant design changes to adapt the product to customer needs.

    • Manufacturing Process

      Our ISF technology is based on numerically controlled incremental 3D sheet metal deformation. No need to make expensive molds, just a simple counterform or mold to be used in more complex designs.