Maximum efficiency, speed, and flexibility in polishing processes of any inner circular shape.

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Maximum efficiency, speed, and flexibility in polishing processes of any inner circular shape. Once again, MECO sets its sights on a specific industrial process (upon receiving a query from a client, concerned about the low efficiency of its procedures): mold polishing from a local glass industry. It sets a technological challenge on our design tables and, once again, the engineering team led by the imagination and knowledge of Juanjo Peirón and the factory director began developing an innovative machine for polishing circular molds.

After a few months of theoretical tests, calculations, and planning that are taking shape from the initial idea, we obtain the final construction project and in 2017 we built the first unit of our MEC-PLD: a prototype that entailed extraordinary results by combining simplicity of use with tremendous efficiency, execution times that beat those of the most common polishers in the sector, an impressive finish and a robust equipment that stands out of the most demanding conditions.

MECO has fully developed and manufactured the revolutionary MEC-PLD. It is an innovative circular mold polishing machine with continuous surface, especially useful for the glass container industry, as well as for all types of mold makers.

This machine allows to polish molds of any material: cast iron, bronze or steel with some unusual speed, precision, and perfection in the industry. A necessary evolution that replaces the obsolete machines in the sector and definitively puts an end to manual operations.

Thanks to its multiple innovations, such as the two independent heads or the vector motors —which allow a wide range of speeds and frequencies— in addition to other improvements, an ergonomic machine has been achieved. Thus, our MEC-PLD will offer you high productivity with the best quality and safety.

Thanks to the system that simultaneously controls the 3 axes of the machine, a specific program can be carried out for each mold. The sophisticated, but at the same time intuitive control that our MEC-PLD incorporates, also allows to polish the entire height of the mold in a programmed and sectorized manner. The mold can be divided into 10 completely independent sectors in its programming, optimizing the work parameters, rotational speeds and advances depending on the area of the mold in which it is working.

The remote connection system incorporated in the machine allows technical assistance work to be carried out remotely, as well as other functions such as updating new improved software, etc.

The machine also incorporates a system for loading and downloading programs, which is especially useful for sharing them between different companies that have the same machine.

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    1 / Sequential programming: being able to divide the polishing of the mold in up to 10 different sectors. It guarantees homogeneity in the polishing of the entire surface.

    2 / Storage program: The machine’s software has the ability and capacity to store a varierty of mold configurations.

    3 / Full connectivity and operator interface: Our mold polishing machine MEC-PLD features: remote connectivity applicable for both the exchange of programs between machines and to solve incidents online from MECO. Complete, intuitive, and easy-to-use software.

    4 / Time saving and elimination of manual processes. Our MEC-PLD can polish a complex profile mold in 1-3 minutes depending on the desired finish level. No skilled operators required.

    5 / Semi-automatic mold loading system: the loading table moves smoothly on guides so that heavy molds can be loaded semi-automatically. No unnecessary effort is required.

    6 / Automatic electro-magnet fixing: The molds are clamped by electromagnets, without clamps. This prevents the pieces from rotating, allowing perfect polishing with maximum safety.

    7 / Automatic mold centering: the innovative system of our MEC-PLD allows an automatic centering of the mold without depending on the operator’s skill.

    8 / Ergonomic design: our MECO polishing machine has been designed bearing in mind comfort and safety. The operator can comfortably work, with protection and without physical effort.

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    Patented System and Made in Spain

    MECO has a worldwide patent for its design. Our machines are completely developed and manufactured with passion in Spain. We only use the highest-quality materials and components and comply with the strictest standards and regulations, such as CE, UL, GOST, etc.

    Tool Durability

    The durability of the tools in our MEC-PLD polisher is greater than in any other machine. This is due to the fact that a correct programming of the work parameters allows to optimize the useful life of the tool to the maximum. The programs can be easily modified by creating secondary programs depending on whether the tool is new or has already suffered some wearing.

    User Friendliness

    This machine can be used by any operator: no skill or programming knowledge is required. The machine acts as its own precision tool.

    • Latest Technology

      The used state-of-the-art vector servomotors respond to the programming sequences with absolute precision, which guarantees the repeatability of the task and, consequently, guarantees the reliability of the programs designed by the user.

    • Accuracy, Perfection, and Shorter Execution Time

      The possibility of adjusting the working parameters of each mold in a sectorized way, allows reaching levels of precision thought impossible until now, as well as great speediness in working times.

    • An Innovative and Revolutionary System

      Our MEC-PLD includes some improvements and innovations compared to other polishers on the market that will provide greater productivity, efficiency, and safety.

    • Cleaning and Maintenance

      The design of the machine eases quick cleaning of dust and other residues that may remain in the work area. Most of the dust generated during some polishing work is removed from the area of the machine through the suction pipe prepared for this purpose.