Consolidation in the USA market with Blackout Equipment

    MECO has renewed and strengthened its presence in the huge and competitive North American market, signing a new and extended collaboration agreement with our partner, representative and friend Greg Sweigert, Manager of Blackout Equipment, who traveled to Spain to update his knowledge of our equipment and the many improvements and innovations that we have incorporated, upcoming projects and share a few days with our team.

    After several years of fruitful collaboration, in which we have installed dozens of MECO keyseaters in the USA and Canada, the harmony with the Blackout team and the good work of Greg Sweigert and its team, encourage us to renew and expand our commitment and commitment to this exciting international challenge.

    North America is becoming the main importer of our machines, an unthinkable milestone a few years ago, and MECO is working hard to consolidate this iconic territory, tough and competitive but very loyal if its personality and idiosyncrasy are well understood. With the help of Blackout, this is being possible, and we hope to continue counting on their support for many years to come.

    “Greg Sweigert of Blackout Equipment, with the management of MECO Machines”.