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Since 1983

The Company

Meco Commercial Mechanics

MECANICA COMERCIAL MECO was founded in 1983 with the aim of improving, optimizing, and making its customers' industrial systems more efficient and profitable: this was and still is MECO's leitmotif. Later, the company expanded its interests in designing and manufacturing industrial machinery. Today, MECO keyseating machines are the main focus of our production, as a spectacular worldwide acceptance proves it (500 units are already operating in 30 countries). Additionally, we develop efficient mold polishing machines for the glass industries, and work with our revolutionary 3D sheet forming system ISF (Incremental Sheet Forming).


In 1983 Juan Peirón made a risky decision: he quit his job as a technician in an important industry to found MECANICA COMERCIAL MECO, his great personal project.

After years of hard work, Peirón traveled throughout the peninsula as he was claimed for his ability and expertise in solving problems and improving advanced industrial systems; he also applied solutions that renowned engineers from large companies could not come up with.

Aware of his abilities, qualities, and determination, Peirón applied his experience and know-how, with great results, obtaining the assignment of industrial maintenance at the Kellogg’s plant in Valls (Tarragona, Spain) which today, 40 years later, continues being part of the family business.

The first MECO keyseater

Our first MECO keyseating machine was born in 1999 out of Juan Peirón’s ingenuity and expertise and the ability in business matters and knowledge as an engineer of his son Juanjo (currently the company’s CEO).

In a long night of first tests they finished a series of pieces that they would have eventually manufactured in a week’s time using previously-employed procedures. 

This is how the first MECO machine was born: twenty years later we continue designing our machines following its essence and architecture.

Our long experience is due to our hundreds of clients and the technological innovations that our growing human team allows us to implement with ingenuity and passion.


Peirón’s creative capacity added to his vast knowledge in mechanical processes and his passion for mastering the behavior and qualities of materials. Together with his modesty and honesty, he could then enjoy a good reputation, and in 1995 his son Juan José, an industrial engineer, started up as a workshop operator in the company. A door opened for MECO’s future: the design of advanced machinery.

Merging their skills, the father-son synergy gave birth to some revolutionary projects in the field of oilseed processing. Its reputation issued very diverse queries and needs; along this path, the need to improve the rudimentary system of mechanization of keys (notches) that at that time was slow, expensive, and extremely inaccurate arose. In 1999 the first MECO keyseating machine was born (and it still works today!). Twenty years later, based on its same architecture and concept, MECO designs and builds hundreds of keyseating machines that operate all over the world with great efficiency and acknowledgement, now applying the most advanced electronic and mechanical engineering technologies.

More than 500 keyseating machines sold in 30 countries are figures that Mr. Peirón (father) would have never imagined. His children, Juan José and Beatriz, now manage a company with 40 specialized and qualified workers. Its field of expertise shifts between industrial maintenance (MECO Services) ―highlighting Kellogg’s recognition after 40 years of unbroken trust―, and industrial machinery / machine design and manufacturing: MECO Machines.

The keyseating machines have been and continue to be the most characteristic and recognized MECO product. However, the growth of the company and the progressive incorporation of young engineers and technicians at all levels has provided new ideas and knowledge, which helped the ingenious creative mind of Juan José Peirón (son) to start large projects such as the Mold Polishing Machines or the extraordinary ISF (Incremental Sheet Forming: incremental deformation of sheet metal). These machines make a qualitative leap to industrial mechanical processes, offering certain sectors possibilities and capabilities that a few years ago were unthinkable. All of this is always based on the concepts of simplicity, precision, ergonomics, and robustness: MECO machines are known throughout the world for their efficiency, long life and minimum maintenance. In any case, MECO preserves its family spirit, its Mediterranean passion and its vocation for customer service. Clients are guided and accompanied throughout their MECO machine’s useful life, helping and advising them in the use and improvement of its mechanical process.

For many more years to come, we hope to continue growing hand in hand with our customers and provide new and better machines that make their work an area of comfort and increase their satisfaction.

Meco Quality

In 1998 the Ministry of Industry of the Government of Spain recognized MECO's work by thanking us for our originality and the change that our research has entailed: the design of a shaping and keyseating machine that breaks with the production technique used for grooving in the last 50 years. In addition, the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (AFM) supports the internationalization of this keyseater for its quality and innovation, making us a reference not only nationally but also internationally. MECO's new precision keyseating system represented a radical change in the way of working in the sector, bringing multiple advantages to production and users. A machine developed and manufactured entirely in Spain, following the highest standards of quality, safety, functionality, and precision. An innovative system patented by MECO.




  • Equipment designed and built in Spain/EC

  • MECO receives government recognition through the 'Innovative SME Seal' seal.

  • The Ministry recognizes companies that carry out activities in the field of technological research and development and innovation. R+D+I.

Some of our customers

Customers from all over the world have placed their trust in MECO, creating a cooperative relationship that transcends mere business. Thanks to all of them, we continue to grow and improve.

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